City Refined – Anuradhapura

The project as a Competition Entry; to design proposed entry points to Anuradhapura Sacred area; conducted by Sri Lanka institute of Architects & The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development in year 2017.

“City Refined”

‘A Landscape Based approach’

The Landscape Based Design approach to Refinement at each entry emphasis of the city using significant landmark remains with respect to their Archelogical, Architectural, Cultural, Natural and Aesthetic value of the particular locale.

Historic origin and evolution of Anuradhapura has been entirely based on its Natural Landscape; the morphology of the land and water-scape of Malvathu Oya lead to the development of a complex cascade irrigation system and resulted with an agricultural economy.

Manipulating the landscape of each location to accentuate these features is more effective as opposed to the construction of new structures that would then compete for attention with existing context.

The design interventions intend to strengthen not only the physical definition of the ancient city; but to also include the wholesome refinement of cultural, historical and social definitions by means of its landscape.

3 years ago