Tropical Transparency – Kaduwela

The site located in Bomiriya in sub-urban Kaduwela; is a green residential context; with a number of large canopy trees located within the site. This abundance of foliage was the design generator; creating a double height living volume contained in a steel, glass and timber envelope. The intent was to open the Living, Dining and Family Living spaces of the house to the Green of its context; maintaining the natural cross breeze ventilation and ample daylight filtered through the tree canopies.

At night the Living space is lit like a lantern with warm yellow light; offering glamour to night time entertainment events with friends and family. The rustic finishes of Cut Concrete / Cement Floors, Rough plaster / exposed brick finished walls and the natural finish of Local Teak Timber etc. offer increased connectivity with the Landscape.

Terraces from the Master suit and family gym overlooking the Green of the tree canopies, Bay seats with dramatic tree shadows allow for a seamless living with the Green.

“Green Living” | Floor Area : 3600 sq.ft. | Completed :  March 2017

photography © gihan muthugala