Holiday Villa – Kirindivita

The location has a tranquil ambience due to the thick, lush tropical tree growth and the water front to Aththanagalu Oya river basin; yet is only a 5 min. drive away from the busy Gampaha town and an hour’s drive from Colombo.

The compact villa with sweeping views of the waters and its shores across; was designed for an IT professional and his family of four working, studying and residing in Colombo; so they may escape to their very own sanctuary during the holidays with friends and family or rent out in their absence.

The structure permeates the edge of the water; so that all the Living and Sleeping spaces afford the key asset of serene panoramic views from the site; and so the occupiers could step out to the verandah and share their time and space with the natural habitats.

The minimal built footprint is raised off the ground on steel columns to ‘touch the earth lightly’ not forgetting to minimize the damage to its environs; while affording the best opportunities to relax to those who occupy the villa. Use of Steel , Aluminium, Glass and Timber and minimizing the concrete and masonry in-situ work also enables the reduction of impact on site as they are mostly pre-fabricated and only finished / assembled at site.

image © iconcast