Lucid Living , Katubedda

The unpretentious structure stands in contrast to the greenery that surrounds it, reflecting the nature and disposition of its proprietor. A self-made businessman who is simple and pragmatic, the compound itself is principally realized in linear expressions and uniformity. In its extent of 22 perches there is a constant feel of lucidity, enveloped in sunlight creating space animated by light and shadow.

The design aesthetic of a ‘T’-shaped structure flanked by two gardens was formed retaining the existing trees at the front and rear boundaries. The front garden space is framed by the cantilevered structural mass created on of the upper floors of the house,
crafting in essence an unconstrained space enhanced by a reflective pond. The rear garden contained by the house and foliage offers privacy to the pool.

The living, dining and family spaces open to each other, as does the garden; with less visual mass in steel, timber and glass materials. The ability to view the total site depth from a single perspective also mirrors the acuity of the property owner and the transparency he values. The large area requirement is created prioritizing minimum built up space and minimum obstructions coloured by a nude palette.

“Lucid Living” | Katubedda, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka | Floor Area : 5700 sq.ft.  | Construction Duration : 1st Dec 2013 – 7th Nov 2014 (11 months)

photography © gihan muthugala